Permit to work software (IAMPermit)

Copy historical permits to issue new permits fast

99 per user

No hidden costs guaranteed

Comes loaded with the following Permits;

  • Asbestos
  • Confined Space
  • Electrical Work
  • General Work
  • Hot Work
  • Lifting Operations
  • Work at Height

As well as the ability for you to create as many custom permits as you like!

14 day free trial


Avoid permit clash

Easy to use

No training required

Runs on any device online


Permit to work software - without it the potential for serious incident on site is clear - comply to HSG250 & 253 in the UK, as well as assist with OIAC, OGP, API, APPEA, NOGEPA, NOROG, AS/NZS and NEN/ISO Standards - within an hour of purchasing the software! We are also happy able to modify the software to precisely match your permit work flow, standard, or management procedure.

Default permits included within the software as follows;

  • Asbestos
  • Confined Space
  • Electrical
  • General Work
  • Hot Work
  • Lifting Operations
  • Working at Height

To prevent serious incidents, it is vital that there should be effective management of hazards, including the use of integrated safe systems of work (iSSoW). A permit-to-work system is an integral part of a safe system of work and can help to properly manage the wide range of activities that can take place close together in a small space, such as in a storage area or process plant.

Permit status grid

Permit Benefits

Permit allows you to administer permits instantly, which brings huge productivity improvement to your maintenance crews’ efficiency straight away, saving wasted, expensive tool-time.

Permit allows you to anticipate operating issues and receive approvals ahead of time – it is clear who is in charge and who does what and when safely.

Make links between related permits – including simultaneous tasks and interdependent activities.

Permit will communicate all relevant information (including hazards and controls, such as isolation tags and isolation certificates) to all personnel involved.

Permit is the perfect software solution for the Oil, Gas, Power and Chemical industries. Permit is an electronic permit-to-work system that can be used in intrinsic and non-intrinsic environments, complemented by our hardware to support efficient and safe access to equipment in industrial plants and to administer a safe permit-to-work system. Permit is HSG250-compliant permit-to-work software.


Permit live dashboard

IAMTech are experts in fit-for-purpose software for the oil, gas, power and chemical industries.

Permit can be integrated with our ISSOW (Integrated Safe System of Work).

Permits are a means of communication between site management, plant supervisors and operators and the resources that carry out the work.

Traditional permit-to-work systems introduce periods of delay into the day while permits are created, risk-assessed, handed over and executed.

Permit immediately flags any permit status changes to permit controllers via the cloud, reducing maintenance worker downtime.

If the job cannot be finished in one shift, Permit will present the permit controller with a view allowing the permit to be administrated with a clear line of sight, continuing the safe state, and clear instructions are available for the next shift.

Permit to work software is also available from GEMSOFT, ENGICA, NISOFT & eVision Industry Software. Ours is available today for 99.