Founded in 1973, IAMTech (a CPD Limited Company) started life as industrial plant model makers and over the last 40 years have grown into a leading hub for the development of innovative technology solutions for the Oil, Gas, Chemical and Power industries.

The majority of our workforce have previously worked within industry (for the likes of Huntsman, DuPont, ICI, Enron, SABIC, Sembcorp and Uniqema) prior to joining IAMTech. This first-hand knowledge has allowed IAMTech to develop technology solutions that will help you deliver the processes required to effectively run your assets.

Combining this first-hand industry experience with our ever-growing partnerships with world-leading industrial organisations enables IAMTech to understand the technology needs of industry. Using this position as our foundation has enabled us to build our impressive portfolio of products and services, available to you the same day you place an order.

Transparent Trade

Have you ever asked why business to business software vendors choose not to display pricing on their websites?

The answer is because they want to size-up you and your organisation and charge you the maximum they think you will pay, before telling you the price.

We at IAMTech believe this is no way to operate in modern business – that is why we tell you the price of all of our products on our website – we hide nothing!

At the same time, we guarantee this price will not grow once you are our customer, in these times of austerity the last thing you want is to take on greater risk, and look foolish in front of your peers by having to ask for additional budget.


We are proud of our enviable client list and that our software products are utilised in 23 countries around the world.

We strive to continually build long-standing, transparent relationships with our clients, who we consider partners. Integrity is not just something on a values poster! We ensure all of our partners always have the best from us, the best systems, the best service, the best value.

When you choose to do business with IAMTech, you'll benefit from our years of empirical experience in your field. We know your pain – because we felt that pain when we were sitting in your chair as employees of oil, gas, chemical and power asset operators. Now we are here to help you! What are you waiting for?


We offer the world’s largest suite of industrial asset management software applications, divided in to four key categories; maintenance, risk, safety and hazard management.

We don't just build our technology for use in the enterprise or on a desktop – we are experts in the mobile space, enabling real-time on-site data capture, increasing your operational awareness.

Our engineers are readily available to undertake bespoke agile software projects, enabling your workflows to be made readily available on intrinsically safe mobile computing platforms through to management dashboards in your control rooms and boardrooms.

We are experts in RFID systems that enable you to tag all of your plant equipment for a complete asset register.