Become a Partner?

Oil, Gas, Chemical and Power now more than any time in its past must improve its asset management to drive positive safety and profit margin growth. Industry experts and academia all insist that the application of technology, in the pursuit of operational safety & excellence must be the focus of asset owners and operators for years to come. Industrial assets, especially those operating in high hazard industries, are digitally transforming their operational processes in order to reduce risk, retain knowledge in the face of migrating labour and ultimately increase control.

As part of IAMTech's global partner network, you and your organisation can play a vital role for industrial assets as they adopt digital technology to improve their working practices. We are seeking potential partners who have not necessarily sold software previously, but have a long and proven relationship in providing technical services and expertise to the oil, gas, chemical and power industries.

If you are interested in joining our Global Partner Network, earning commissions and software royalties, and most importantly changing industry for the better, then please get in touch with our Partner Network manager,