Case Study: iPlan

BP Chemicals - iPlan Case Study


BP Chemicals use iPlan to manage their Shutdown and Routine Maintenance since 2004.

Why did BP Chemicals choose IAMTech's iPlan software for this asset critical responsibility?

BP's Ben Foster explains;

Before BP started using iPlan, we had invested significant time and resource in trying to make other 3rd party systems and providers work to BP Chemicals shutdown and maintenance methodology. We were frustrated by the standard of shutdown management systems we had available to support this workflow.

These other systems

  • Were commonly incompatible with existing site systems.
  • Had to be operated by specialist Planners provided by the Maintenance or QS Contractor
  • All of the data within them was effectively locked in and only accessible by the supplier's personnel.
  • This represented a significant risk to the sites ability to effectively retain control of their asset knowledge.

We hoped to tailor SAP to our vision for a best in class Shutdown & Maintenance workflow, but unfortunately we couldn't deviate from BP Chemicals SAP global operating model.

"Managing maintenance is all about managing information well. If you can't access all of your data or you can't manipulate it effectively then you are likely to miss things, which in turn become significant risks. As a consequence BP decided to move to iPlan, selected for its high level of control coupled with transparency for both BP and its maintenance partners." BP Chemicals, Engineering Delivery Manager


To provide BP with an all-inclusive management system which not only raises the standard of planning, but can be accessed by BP and their Contractors in unison, thus enhancing collaboration between both parties.


"Within iPlan we identified the following benefits over and above trying to achieve shutdown and maintenance excellence via SAP";

iPlan is an all-inclusive management system which not only raises the standard of planning, but can be accessed by BP and their Shutdown & Maintenance Contractors at the same time, thus enhancing collaboration between all parties.

Underpinned by information check points iPlan prevents losing control of maintenance events, reducing the chance of minor problems becoming costly mistakes.

The Single Constant

In 15 years iPlan has remained the one constant, seeing;

  • Faithful & Gould become Interserve
  • Interserve become Bilfinger
  • ERP switch from Maximo to SAP
  • Key resources leave the company


In our Petrochemicals business we manufacture and market multiple products across the world utilising our world-class technology which delivers industry-leading cost positions.

BP petrochemicals are used in many aspects of dayto-day life from pharmaceuticals and lightweight automotive components to plastic beverage bottles, safety belts and high-tech sportswear. BP's businesses range from best-in-class proprietary technology for acetyls - a critical building block for a wealth of consumer products including adhesives and cosmetics - to aromatics, including those found in one out of every three polyester shirts and blouses.

BP is focused on continuous improvement in all that the company does. BP's petrochemicals business has grown in large part from its willingness and ability to identify its customers' changing needs as they meet consumer requirements and environmental standards.

Today, BP is a leading market supplier of acetyls. These products are used largely in everyday consumer goods and as chemical intermediates to produce derivative products. BP has developed best-in-class proprietary technologies for the production of acetyls. Acetic acid, one of the world's most important chemicals, is used in a variety of products from textiles to pharmaceuticals.

Other applications include the manufacturing of ethyl acetate, which is used mainly as a solvent ranging from printing inks to pharmaceuticals.

BP Chemicals holds world-leading positions in three key product areas - acetyls, paraxylene and purified terephthalic acid (PTA).