Case Study: iPlan

BP Exploration - iPlan Case Study

BP Exploration is in the process of a large scale intervention project at its Sullom Voe Terminal in Shetland. This project will see the terminal extend its life to 2040 and beyond.


The Sullom Voe Terminal is located at the northern end of the largest of the Shetland Islands. It is one of the largest oil terminals in Europe.

The terminal was built between 1975 and 1981 and covers 1000 acres. Its main purpose is to act as a buffer between the producing fields offshore and tankers waiting to ship oil to refineries worldwide. The terminal has been designed to allow continuous production offshore, even in bad weather.

The Sullom Voe Terminal is operated by BP and handles production from more than two-dozen oilfields in the east Shetland Basin, between Shetland and Norway.

The Challenge

Due to the scale of this project BP Exploration required a system to complement their maintenance processes and to facilitate work pack generation, approval and delivery - iPlan is that system.

The Solution

iPlan will initially help BP Exploration to create work packs for the various stages of their maintenance programme, giving them total control of work pack creation and improving cost efficiencies by eradicating the need for outsourcing to third parties.

iPlan will provide BP Exploration with an intuitive and cost effective maintenance management solution, enabling their teams and contracting third parties to have more cohesive, transparent working relationships, thus resulting in increased efficiency and cost reduction for the oil giant.