Case Study: Integrity

Hertel - Integrity Case Study

Who are Hertel?

Hertel is a leading international, multi-disciplinary, industrial services company. They support customers in the Oil and Gas, Process, Energy and Offshore industries with access solutions, insulation, corrosion protection, mechanical, offshore and specialist services.

Safety and quality are key to Hertel's performance and 'Asset Lifecycle Support' is central to the services Hertel provides to a global customer base.

Hertel is able to offer integrated services throughout all phases of the lifecycle of industrial assets: from the building of new assets, to maintenance, shut downs, modifications and decommissioning.

The Challenge

As part of Hertel's program to ensure fixed assets continue to be fit for service, Hertel were looking for a system that could record large volumes of data. This included the requirement of being able to upload key information, such as photographs and radiography results.

The sensitivity of this data meant that it must be held on a secure server accessed via a username and password to ensure that only authorised personnel were able to access the confidential information it contained.

To bolster Hertel's services to their clients, Hertel were keen for this information to be stored in a way that would ensure quick and easy access, to all project supporting documentation. Hertel placed an emphasis on being able to accurately record, store and access the 'history' of the project to ensure that all historical data was readily available.

The Solution

The 'Hertel Integrity Management System' (HIMS) tool was developed to provide an innovative solution for the recording and administration of data. Following its integration into site operations, HIMS now assists Hertel in maintaining the integrity of the plant by providing a tool to record all stages of the rejuvenation works.

Embracing the use of cloud based technology, 'HIMS' is a remotely accessed solution that helps to manage plant integrity data captured in the field.

'HIMS' records all stages of the rejuvenation works, providing the function securely accessing the information at any point in a user friendly way.

Featuring a number of CAD tools and including details such as diagrams, surveys and inspection points, 'HIMS' contains a wealth of information to help assist in operations management.

Furthermore, the software allows the user to calculate lift loads, pipe thickness, identify paint types and record nondestructive tests, subsequently reducing the risk of human error. 'HIMS' also contains a document register which can be used for adding notes to particular aspects of an asset, which enables minor problems or observations to recorded easily.

Hertel find the system easy to access as it can be used remotely from anywhere with internet connectivity - which is highly efficient and convenient when people are working across multiple sites. Hertel record all project data in the system which gives them a complete historical data file and QA/QC accountability.


Hertel have also identified the following successes in changing to an electronic system:

  • Paperwork can no longer be misplaced as all work (unless printed) is stored electronically.
  • Time and office space are saved as a result of electronic filing, reducing the strain on the local office infrastructure. If a drawing or photograph is needed, it can be very quickly located and easily emailed or printed.
  • Data cannot be lost as it is securely stored across a multi-site cloud infrastructure.
  • The data recorded has helped to simplify their 'lessons learnt' process.

Whilst assessing the requirements of the project, Hertel identified a need to record significant volumes of data that would require secure and protected storage. This data would be held for future use, providing historical data as the project progressed. Aware that CPD could provide an 'off the shelf' product that could be tailored to suit Hertel's needs, CPD were chosen as the solution provider.

The relationship between Hertel and CPD has evolved over time, and the availability of a single point of contact for any issues has been effective in overcoming problems in a very timely manner. This has enabled the prompt development of HIMS based on Hertel's shifting needs throughout the project, utilising an innovative solution to overcome a common challenge

Ian Dalgarno, Regional Director, Hertel UK