Case Study: iPlan

Kaefer - iPlan Case Study


Kaefer utilise iPlan at their clients' sites in West Cumbria, UK


KAEFER are experts in efficiently detailing their Routine Maintenance activities, ensuring that project delivery runs on time and on budget. iPlan will enable KAEFER to bolster their expertise, reinforcing a standardised methodology for managing maintenance activities.

In addition iPlan will allow KAEFER to share real time planning progress & execution performance via the latest in dashboard technology and onsite handheld computing.

Kaefer offers a world class industrial maintenance service

Within iPlan, Kaefer saw a means to deliver their service to a consistent standard across all work orders, whilst introducing its clients to handheld technology.

40 countries

KAEFER, a worldwide leading integrated services and solution provider based in Bremen, Germany, with an annual turnover of over €1.6 billion, operations in over 40 countries and a current workforce of 28,000 have purchased IAMTech's maintenance management software, iPlan.

KAEFER have identified that unlike other ERP systems, such as Maximo and SAP, iPlan has been developed by professionals from the Oil, Gas, Power and Chemical industries with first-hand knowledge of site Maintenance Management.

Utilising iPlans mobile applications, KAEFER are revolutionising the way they plan and perform maintenance activities on their clients' behalf.

Bremen, 1918

The businessman Carl Kaefer had the idea of improving the efficiency of cold stores on ships by cladding the walls with peat back. Throughout the last 100 years, KAEFER has grown from a niche insulation business in Bremen, to a global leader in industrial services and solutions with an annual turnover of €1.6 billion. Specialised in Insulation, Access, Surface Protection, Passive Fire Protection, Interior Outfitting as well as other customised services, KAEFER serves a client base around the world with over 28,000 employees at over 2,000 sites.

KAEFER is a worldwide partner of customers on new build and maintenance projects, in a wide range of industries. Organised to optimally address project-specific needs, KAEFER is composed of three main divisions: Industry, Marine & Offshore, and Construction.

KAEFER's departments dedicated to Operations Excellence, Innovation and our Competence Centers fulfil this aim by cooperating with universities, independent institutes, and KAEFER's own diverse operational units. This assures that KAEFER not only maintains and refines its in-house expertise, worldclass technical skills and specialised know-how, but also promotes innovation to continue to be a global leading company in its industry.