Completions is the ultimate commissioning management solution for the oil, gas, power and chemical industries.

When constructing and maintaining an industrial plant, you cannot afford to miss or inacurately record a single activity during the reinstatement phase.

Completions allows you to easily manage all activities between maintenance reinstatement and commissioning – including hold points and process system readiness.

From Process Operators to Commissioning Managers, whether constructing a new plant or maintaining an existing one, you need to confirm that all works are delivered within the applicable control chart. Completions prohibits the damaging of plant systems by starting up before you’re ready – at the same time providing a means of quality assurance.


Completions Benefits

Completions allows you to mark control points and hold points against a job or activity as it is completed.

Completions allows you to configure control charts for a piece of equipment that controls the order in which control points and hold points can be completed.

Hold point progression can be assigned to named users or roles in order to ensure that an accountable person is signing off each key stage (e.g. only an inspector can approve NDT results).

Completions allows you to record emerging work items, enabling effective management as additional scope.

Completions feeds all the control and hold points into a management dashboard, giving you a real-time system status and immediate visibility of which jobs need to be completed to bring specific systems back online.

Status is shared between operator and project management office/TAR village instantly.

Workers can record punch list items or observations of the plant environment around them.

Eliminates errors caused by your existing paper-based processes.


IAMTech are experts in fit-for-purpose, high-value and low-cost software for the oil, gas, power and chemical industries.

Completions is software specifically for the Oil, Gas, Power and Chemical industries and can be used in intrinsic and non-intrinsic environments, complemented by our hardware.

Plant start-up requires the effective combination of qualified personnel, testing equipment and fully validated systems. As a result, the management of plant reinstatement is a critical point for restarting your plant successfully and on time.

Completions can be integrated with our ISSOW (Integrated Safe System of Work).