Integrity is an essential tool for supporting a safe, sustainable oil, gas, power and chemical industry and involves maintaining hardware to be safe, reliable and efficient - especially for ageing process plant infrastructure.

Integrity contains CAD tools, allowing the user to include details such as survey points and inspection points in the drawing itself - as well as allowing you to store such information as insulation details, corrosion details, pipe thickness readings, paint specifications and store NDT reports and calculate lift loads.

Easily Update Records

For each inspection point, 'Integrity' will allow you to record support details, insulation details, corrosion details, pipe thickness, paint specifications, certification, NDT reports, actions, permits, drawings and lift loads.

Integrity screen shots

Quickly Identify Problems

Once in possession of all of the above, you can then quickly summarise your number of cut-outs, identify patterns of failure in equipment and schedule line lifts.

Electronically Store Your Information

Integrity contains a document store, allowing you to host files in folder structures identical to a file server, but via the cloud.


Integrity aids equipment inspection and refurbishment planning and ensures accountability among your staff and contractors.

Easily Share Information

Information can accessed by both the asset owner/operator and their inspection/mechanical contractors, allowing both groups to readily have access through password-controlled accounts so only authorised users can access your confidential data.

Replace Your Paper Based System

Integrity can easily replace your existing paper-based system, which means that the quality of your plant equipment condition management is no longer jeopardised by misplaced paperwork, such as loss of technical data, photographs and test results from on-site inspections.

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