iResponse is a dynamic, simple-to-use software solution that sets the standard for emergency pre-planning, training and emergency response.

iResponse provides its users with the ability to perform their own modelling and analysis, enabling them to test the success potential of current response plans.

The interactive nature of iResponse enables the user to dynamically model a wide range of disaster scenarios, ensuring optimum preparedness.

What sets iResponse apart from other modelling software is its comprehensive series of 'Decision Support Tools', which complement the system's advanced modelling capabilities, giving the user the most accurate information in which to base emergency response decisions.

Improves understanding of complex scenarios

By providing a map view of the relative location of resources and existing infrastructure, iResponse enables the user to visualise an incident and how they would respond. Decision support tool calculators, such as thermal radiation, atmospheric dispersion, overpressure, foam requirement, bund/dyke volume and hose run, are provided to support the determination of incident impact and resource deployment requirements. These tools enable the user to adjust the magnitude of the incident, calculating the total risk and identifying the equipment and infrastructure required.

Emergency pre-planning

Ideal for use in a classroom setting, iResponse facilitates the development of emergency pre-plans, assists in desktop exercises and familiarises new recruits with the geographic features of any location, from a storage tank to an entire facility.

Location of key site features

iResponse allows responders to collate and store the locations of any key site features, such as hydrants, master isolation values, activation controls for fixed fire systems, toxic refuges and sit drains. There is no limit to how many customer-specific icons can be added to the standard library of NFPA symbols.

Emergency Response

iResponse is designed to be accessed in incident control rooms, emergency control centres, fire engines and command vehicles. It provides decision makers and response personnel with information such as pre-plans and decision support when dealing with an incident, ensuring that responders are 'best prepared' when mitigating an emergency.

Standardisation and knowledge share

iResponse is designed to manage one or multiple industrial sites, bringing standardisation to an organisation's planning and response. Users can save their scenario and publish it to share with their colleagues, allowing others within the same organisation to contribute to how best to tackle an emergency.

More about ALERT iResponse

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