Scaffold enables you to estimate, hire, inspect and manage scaffold equipment and structures - sharing in real-time with any user*;

  • Norms calculating the duration to erect and dismantle structures
  • Photograph(s) of a structure
  • X&Y Coordinates of a structures location
  • Cost of building and dismantling a structure
  • The weight of a structure
  • The hire period
  • The hire charge
  • History of all inspections
  • Structure defects
  • Any actions required to repair a structure
  • The next inspection due date
  • Any structures not fit for purpose
  • Your scaffold register ( historically known as the F91 )
  • Capture variation to a structure
Scaffold structure

To complement our scaffold software IAMTech are also able to supply you with;

  • Intrinsically safe smartphones and tablets for data capture onsite*
  • Scaffold Tags (Bar code, RFID or QR enabled) for you to attach to your structures - enabling supervisors to scan the structure at every stage
  • Management dashboards for you to;

    • manage all structures across your entire organisation
    • understanding in an instant your scaffold utilisation and cost / earnings
    • plan & execute more effectively structure inspections

  • Prevent escalation of costs through structure variations
  • Export structure data to run your monthly valuation report and generate your applications for payment

Scaffold screenshot

One click away from the system requirements required for compliance with the Work at Height Regulations 2005

Scaffold Benefits

  • Do not have unused scaffold sat on the ground - determine your utilisation by knowing the weight of each and every structure
  • Reduce the number of scaffold inspectors by planning inspections more effectively
  • Reduce administration burden, understand your scaffold status in real time
  • Record the X&Y coordinates of your structure locations, making it easier for workers unfamiliar with your site to find a structure
  • Highlight emergency repairs instantly across your enterprise to those who need to know
  • The software can be integrated with your ERP to publish cost data (SAP, Maximo, IFS, Dynamics)

*with connection to the internet